dimanche 3 février 2008

The Hindu, December 29 and Sarkozy

Extraits d'un article intitulé "Sarkozy's Egyptian Holiday with top model triggers controversy"
  • "The European press too was almost unanimous in reproaching Mr Sarkozy whom the influential German daily Suddeutsche Zeitung described as "brazen, irritating and narcissistic""
  • "The press accross Europe has not been indulgent"
  • "The French are only now realising how unpredictable this new Napoleon really is" (Berliner Zeitung)
  • "Sarko is ending 2007 self-assured and arrogant, hoping to throw a veil over his first real setacks." (Le Soir, Belgique)
  • "Britain's The Independent said the Elysee Presidential Palace had been turned into a studio for a soap operat with Mr Sarkozy as the star."
Ca fait drole de lire cela quand on est à l'étranger...Mais le monde change, isn'it

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