dimanche 1 juin 2008

The new airport of Bengalore, Le nouvel aéroport de Bengalore

Nous avons fréquenté l'ancien aéroport de Bengalore. Et nous apprenons que le nouvel aéroport a ouvert à 34 km du centre ville. Ouf !

Un article "Growing Pains for a City And Its New Airport" dans The N-Y Times, supplément du Monde de ce jour.

Mais ...
extraits de l'article :
  • "But as the new opened May 24, people were clamoring to keep the old airport open"
  • " The trip will easily take 90 minutes from the city center and even longer from the software companies ..."
  • "When 32 agencies are involved, roads are hard to build"
  • "delayed or scrapped, in part because of lawsuits ..."

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